Jharkhand PCS (JPSC) Exam Prelims Test Series for General Studies

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  1. Test :- History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Jharkhand
  2. Test :-Indian History-Ancient Period
  3. Test :-Indian History-Medieval Period
  4. Test :-Indian History-Modern Period
  5. Test :-Indian Polity
  6. Test :-Polity of Jharkhand
  7. Test :-World Geography
  8. Test :-Geography of India
  9. Test :-Geography of Jharkhand
  10. Test :-Indian Constitution, Political System &Governance
  11. Test :-Economic Concepts and Indian Economy
  12. Test :-Economy of Jharkhand
  13. Test :-Science & Technology
  14. Test :-Reasoning & Mental Ability
  15. Test :-Current Affairs
  16. Test :-Environment
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