IFoS(IFS) Written Examination – Conventional (essay) type

Paper 1 is General English- 300 marks

Paper 2 is General Knowledge – 300 marks

Paper 3 and 4 are of optional 1 each of 200 marks(total 400)

Paper 5 and 6 are of optional 2  each of 200 marks(total 400)

thus written total for ifs (ifos) is 1400 marks


Here we are going to provide the notes for Written examination for all the papers of Ifs(ifos)

General English :- 

Is one of the most important paper for Indian forest  service and one can score as high as 200 marks in general English in Indian forest service examination. The pattern of General English is that it includes following major portions:-

  1. Essay (100 marks)
  2. Precis ( 75 marks)
  3. Letter or Report or Notice (50 marks)
  4. English Grammar 

The Essay topic in general English in Indian forest service examination (IFS) are a bit different from that of civil service examination and one must specifically take care of the  environmental aspect of the said topic and be very careful about the grammatical mistakes.We will be providing you with the expected topics for the ifs english essay.


Precis is basically a short transcript ( in about 1/3rd) of the given passage. We must be very careful about few things such as:-

  • We must not compromise with the meaning of a sentence while reducing the length of a passage.
  • Try using your own sentence rather than copy pasting from the passage.
  • One word substitution plays a key role in precis and thus be familiarize with them.   

There are various ways for letter, report or Notice writing but one must familiarize with them and we will be trying to provide the practice through regular writing practice. 


English Grammar is most scoring topic because of its objectivity and thus its better to revise than regretting in Dholpur house.


There are many books for English but  they are either focused on objective exams or for compulsory English examination of civil services.But most of you are familiar with Wren & Martin and it covers almost entire grammatical portion.It is also available in Hindi.Buying its key is highly recommended as the answers are not given in the book.



General Knowledge :-    Notes

Till the Indian Forest Service examination or IFS (IFoS) was held separate from civil service examination the general knowledge paper of ifs(ifos) was very static and covers mainly History(even ancient and medieval), Geography physical( approx 100 marks), Science Tech conventional and even the sports terms and a map.

But for past two years Current affairs have been a major portion in the General knowledge portion of IFS(IFoS) along with the dynamic portion similar to that of civil service examination.

If one is preparing specifically for IFoS(IFS) than he/she must not take this paper lightly else should be ready for the brunt of UPSC which i faced last year (secured just 78/200).


Geology optional:- Notes

Geology optional is hot amongst the Ifos(IFS) Aspirants, particularly because of the overlap of few topics of Geomorphology with Geography. Frankly speaking the marking in both geology and agriculture was not upto the mark atleast for last year ifos exam. still for the notes of geology click here.

there are many books for geology but the major or you can say the must books are Principle of engineering geology by K.M.BANGAR and A Text Book of geology by  Mukherjee (which is not available in the market kindly arrange from a senior or just contact me i would try to provide a photocopy)


Forestry optional – Notes

Forestry is the heart and soul of Indian forest service examination and one must be aware of forestry principles even if forestry is not his/her one of the optional.

I have provided my forestry optional notes three years back but will be providing the complete notes now.

There is a very famous book of forestry known as Indian Forestry: A breakthrough approach to Forest Service by Manikandan & Prabhu.

I Personally don’t prefer this book and never recommend it but the problem with forestry is that the standard books such as Hand book of forestry by S.S. Negi is toooooooooooooo much costly for us. But for that too just contact me or your senior to have its photocopy arranged.

Well if you have any other doubt feel free to leave a message and if wish to discuss any topic related to Indian forest service examination than i am always here for you guys. 



The Indian Forest Service, one of the three All India Services, was constituted in the year 1966 under the All India Services Act, 1951 by the Government of India.

The main mandate of the IFS(IFoS) is the implementation of the National Forest Policy which envisages scientific management of forests and to exploit them on a sustained basis for primary timber products, among other things. Since 1935 the management of the forests remained in the hands of the Provincial Governments and even today the Forest Departments are managing the forests of the country under the respective State governments.

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