Polity of Jharkhand

  • State Executive : Powers and functions of Governor, Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers
  • State Legislature : Organization, Powers and functions, with special reference to Jharkhand
  • State Judiciary; High Court: Organization, Powers and functions; Subordinate Judiciary. and the Municipalities : Constitution, powers, The Panchayats functions and responsibilities with special reference to 73rd and
    74th Constitutional amendments
  • Centre-State Relationship:Administrative, Legislative and Financial .
  • Provisions relating tu Administration of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribal Areas.
  • Special provisions relating to reservation of seats for S C and ST. in Legislature,Services etc
  • State Administration : State Secretariat, Chief Secretary. Chief Minister’s Office.
  • District Administration : Origin and development of the office of the
  • District Magistrate and Collector; Changing Role Collector; Impact of the separation of Judiciary on District
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