Jharkhand History- for Jharkhand PCS Exam of JPSC

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  1. Jharkhand :An Historical Introduction
  2. Jharkhand: The Parha and the Manki Mundua system. 
  3. Jharkhand: Influence of Arayans and British over Tribal Culture
  4. Jharkhand :Pre Independence Kingdoms
  5. Jharkhand : Language and Dialect
  6. Jharkhand : Famous Literature
  7. Jharkhand : Main centers for Handicraft
  8. Jharkhand : Male Costumes and jewellery
  9. Jharkhand : Female Costumes and jewellery
  10. Jharkhand : religious systems and their Seats
  11. Jharkhand : Famous Temples and Religious Places
  12. Jharkhand : Tribal Communities of Jharkhand
  13. Jharkhand : Monuments of Jharkhand
  14. Jharkhand : Agricultural Movements of Jharkhand
  15. Jharkhand : Tribal Movements of Jharkhand
  16. Jharkhand : Folk Dances of Jharkhand
  17. Jharkhand : Lok Devta and Lok Devi
  18. Jharkhand : Famous Kul Deviyan
  19. Jharkhand : Fairs of Jharkhand
  20. Jharkhand : Festivals of Other Communities
  21. Jharkhand : Animal fairs of Jharkhand
  22. Jharkhand : Word-bank of Jharkhand
  23. Jharkhand : Word-bank for Ornaments
  24. Jharkhand : Traditions and customs of Marriage
  25. Jharkhand : Folk Songs of Jharkhand
  26. Jharkhand : Taxes
  27. Jharkhand : Other Terms
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