Jharkhand Geography- for Jharkhand PCS Exam of JPSC

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Geography of Jharkhand and Utilization of its Resources :

(i) Geological history,landforms, drainage, climate, soil types and forests; agriculture and irrigation,Damodar & Suberna rekha valley projects; mineral resources of Jharkhand,their extraction and utilization,

(ii)Population : Growth, distribution, density; Tribal population and their distribution.Problems of Tribes and Tribal development Plans; their customs,rituals,festivals etc

(iii)Industrial and urban development. Major industries-Iron, Steel and Cement; industries,

(iv)Pattern of urban settlement and Pollution Problems


  1. Jharkhand : An introduction
  2. Jharkhand : Geological Structure
  3. Jharkhand : Physical regions of Jharkhand
  4. Jharkhand : Lakes of Jharkhand
  5. Jharkhand : Administrative Devision of Jharkhand (Jharkhand ke Sambhag)
  6. Jharkhand : Soils of Jharkhand
  7. Jharkhand : Climate of Jharkhand
  8. Jharkhand : Monsoon and Rainfall
  9. Jharkhand : Rivers of Jharkhand
  10. Jharkhand : Important Mountains and Hills
  11. Jharkhand : Wild Life Conservation
  12. Jharkhand : Sources of Irrigation – Indra Gandhi Canal
  13. Jharkhand : Agriculture of Jharkhand
  14. Jharkhand : National Highways of Jharkhand
  15. Jharkhand : Railways of Jharkhand
  16. Jharkhand : Air Transport of Jharkhand
  17. Jharkhand : Mineral Resources of Jharkhand
  18. Jharkhand : Power Resources of Jharkhand
  19. Jharkhand : Building Stones and Sangemarmar
  20. Jharkhand : Gems of Jharkhand
  21. Jharkhand : Industries of Jharkhand
  22. Jharkhand : Population distribution and census of Jharkhand
  23. Jharkhand : Population Density Of Jharkhand census 2011
  24. Jharkhand : Sex Ratio
  25. Jharkhand : Literacy
  26. Jharkhand : Male Literacy
  27. Jharkhand : Female Literacy
  28. Jharkhand : Historical/Geographical and cultural names of certain regions
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