Jharkhand Geography- for Jharkhand PCS Exam of JPSC

Geography of Jharkhand and Utilization of its Resources :

Jharkhand : Geological history,

Jharkhand : landforms,

Jharkhand : drainage,

Jharkhand : climate,

Jharkhand : soil types 

Jharkhand : forests;

Jharkhand : agriculture

Jharkhand : Horticulture

Jharkhand : irrigation,

Jharkhand : Damodar & Suberna rekha valley projects;

Mineral resources of Jharkhand,their extraction and utilization,

Jharkhand : Population : Growth, distribution, density;

Jharkhand : Tribal population and their distribution.

Jharkhand : Problems of Tribes

Jharkhand:  Tribal development Plans;

Jharkhand : Tribal customs,rituals,festivals etc

Jharkhand : Industrial and urban development. Major industries-Iron, Steel and Cement; industries,

Jharkhand : Pattern of urban settlement

Jharkhand : Pollution Problems


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