Jharkhand 6th Prelims 2016 Paper II -new syllabus based on recent JPSC Notification for JPSC (Jharkhand) Prelims Examination

History of jharkhand

Jharkhand Revolt

Jharkhand’s special identity

Jharkhand’s folk literature,dance,music,vocal,tourist places and Tribal culture
folk literature

Jharkhand Literature and writers

Jharkhand’s major Educational institutes

Jharkhand’s sports

Jharkhand’s land reform acts

Economic Developement of Jharkhand since 1947:- Agriculture, Horticulture

Jharkhand’s Geography-Forests,Rivers,Mountains-Hills,Mines and Minerals

Jharkhand’s Economic and Industrial policy, displacepement and Restlabishment policy and other policies of jharkhand

Jharkhand’s major industries,thier location and industrial developement

Jharkhand’s major programmes and subprogrammes

Jharkhand’s environmental related facts, climate change and its mitigation and adaptation related topics

Jharkhand’s disaster management

Jharkhand’s current affairs and mislaneous facts

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      We would try to provide the best possible guidance

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    Sir, I am preparing for jpsc preliminary examination and is confined to very limited resources as most of the books are in hindi. I appreciate your work and find the material relevant and beneficial for my preparation. Pls recommend few books and materials dedicated to its prelaration and the place from where I could get it from.

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      Chandan there are no books for Jharkhand specific notes.
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    sir,i want to join your jpsc pre2016 programme and i have some query regarding that .but none of your contact no is working.do we need other sources other than your notes especially for current affairs and jharkhand specific part.

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      pushkar both the numbers are active but we are receiving a great deal of calls .
      yes our modules will be more then enough

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          Mains program will initiate after prelims

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          rahul mains program will launch on 14th november

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    Rawan ji how to get the notes …what is your contact details ?


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